Information Systems Audit Reports

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Video*D/L*Report NumberTitleRelease Date
ISA-2020-6065 East Carolina University - Information Systems Audit 4/30/2021
ISA-2020-6075 Western Carolina University–Information Systems Audit 1/26/2021
ISA-2020-6010 The University of North Carolina System Office-Guidance for Information Technology Policies 9/2/2020
ISA-2019-2000 Administrative Office of the Courts-Information Technology Governance and Security Management 4/21/2020
ISA-2019-4660 Department of Information Technology-Information Governance and Security Management 3/19/2020
ISA-2017-6020 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill- Information Systems Audit 11/30/2017
ISA-2017-6050 The University of North Carolina Charlotte - Information Technology General Controls 7/20/2017
ISA-2016-4400 North Carolina Families Accessing Services Through Technology (NC FAST) 6/19/2017
ISA-2016-2000 Administrative Office of the Courts - Information Technology General Controls 4/26/2017
ISA-2016-6010 University of North Carolina General Administration - Information Technology General Controls 3/27/2017
ISA-2016-4660 Department of Information Technology-Information Technology General Controls 7/7/2016
                    ISA-2015-4660 Department of Information Technology/Executive Branch Security Governance and Management 5/23/2016
ISA-2015-6088 Fayetteville State University 1/20/2016
ISA-2015-6090 North Carolina Central University 1/20/2016
ISA-2015-3400 Department of State Treasurer-Core Banking System Pre-Implementation 5/12/2015
                    ISA-2014-4660 Statewide Information Technology Project Benefits and Governance 2/3/2015
ISA-2014-4200 Department of Revenue-Department of Transportation-Tag and Tax Together System 10/24/2014
ISA-2014-1514 Office of Information Technology Services - Information Technology General Controls 10/21/2014
ISA-2014-1708 Department of Health and Human Services-NCTRACKS-Federal Government Certification Status 8/1/2014
ISA-2013-6010 UNC-General Administration-Banner Hosting Services 12/19/2013

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