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Report Number Title Release Date
FIN-2019-6890 Wake Technical Community College-Financial Statement Audit
FIN-2019-6862 Pitt Community College-Financial Statement Audit
FIN-2019-6832 Fayetteville Technical Community College-Financial Statement Audit
fin 2019 6090 North Carolina Central University-Financial Statement Audit
FIN-2019-6840 Halifax Community College-Financial Statement Audit
INV-2019-6846 James Sprunt Community College
FIN-2019-6740 Halifax Community College Foundation, Inc.-Financial Statement Audit
FIN-2019-4200 Department of Transportation-Statewide Financial Statement Audit Procedures
FIN-2019-3400 Department of State Treasurer-Financial Statement Audit Procedures
FIN-2019-4160 Office of the State Controller-Statewide Financial Statement Audit Procedures
FIN-2019-6842 Haywood Community College-Financial Statement Audit
FIN-2019-4700 Department of Revenue-Statewide Financial Statement Audit Procedures
FIN-2019-6070 North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University-Financial Statement Audit
FIN-2019-3510 Department of Public Instruction-Statewide Financial Statement Audit Procedures
INV-2019-0481 Town of Manteo
FIN-2019-4300 Department of Environmental Quality-Statewide Financial Statement Audit Procedures
FIN-2019-4600 Department of Commerce-Statewide Financial Statement Audit Procedures
FIN-2019-6856 Nash Community College-Financial Statement Audit
FIN-2019-4410 North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services-Statewide Financial Statement Audit Procedures
FIN-2019-8530 North Carolina Global TransPark Authority- Financial Statement Audit