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Report Number Title Release Date
FIN-2021-4620 North Carolina State Ports Authority - Financial Statement Audit (2.14 MB)
PER-2021-4900 Department of Public Safety Hurricane Florence Recovery Fund - Preliminary Financial Audit (1.29 MB)
PER-2021-4200A Department of Transportation Cash Spending Plan (4.27 MB)
INV-2021-6088 Fayetteville State University (2.71 MB)
INV-2021-0332 Town of Gaston (1.74 MB)
INV-2021-0330 Town of Hertford (26.6 MB)
INV-2021-0346 Town of Plymouth (2.99 MB)
FIN-2020-6096 University of North Carolina Health Care System Funds - Financial Statement Audit (1.78 MB)
INV-2021-6868 Roanoke-Chowan Community College (4.17 MB)
FCA-2020-9202 Report of Total Membership Count of Employees' Associations (801.15 KB)
FIN-2020-8560 North Carolina 911 Fund-Financial Statement Audit (1.74 MB)
FIN-2020-6770 The North Carolina A&T Investment Foundation, Inc. (1.58 MB)
FIN-2020-6868 Roanoke-Chowan Community College – Financial Statement Audit (4.09 MB)
INV-2021-0335 Nash County Public Schools (4.37 MB)
FIN-2020-6874 Rowan-Cabarrus Community College - Financial Statement Audit (5.41 MB)
PER-2021-4200 Department of Transportation Advance Construction Report (1.6 MB)
FIN-2020-6740 Halifax Community College Foundation, Inc. - Financial Statement Audit (1.68 MB)
PER-2021-3005A Office of State Budget and Management Oversight of Coronavirus Relief Funds (1.63 MB)
ISA-2020-6065 East Carolina University - Information Systems Audit (474.47 KB)
PER-2021-4700 Department of Revenue Extra Credit Grant Program (1.35 MB)