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Report Number Title Release Date
FIN-2023-6075 Western Carolina University – Financial Statement Audit
FIN-2023-6030 North Carolina State University – Financial Statement Audit
FIN-2023-6082 The University of North Carolina at Pembroke – Financial Statement Audit
FIN-2023-6060 University of North Carolina Wilmington – Financial Statement Audit
FIN-2023-6065 East Carolina University – Financial Statement Audit
FIN-2023-6040 The University of North Carolina at Greensboro – Financial Statement Audit
FIN-2023-6050 The University of North Carolina at Charlotte – Financial Statement Audit
PER-2024-4900 Hurricane Florence Disaster Recovery Fund – 2023 Preliminary Financial Audit
INV-2023-0785 Town of Taylorsville – Investigative Audit Report
FIN-2023-6095 University of North Carolina Hospitals at Chapel Hill – Financial Statement Audit
FIN-2023-6055 The University of North Carolina at Asheville – Financial Statement Audit
INV-2023-0381 Town of Winfall – Investigative Audit Letter
PER-2022-3510 Student Attendance and Truancy Analysis 2020-2021 School Year
FIN-2023-4620 North Carolina State Ports Authority - Financial Statement Audit
FCA-2022-9202 Report of Total Membership Count of Employees' Associations
ISA-2023-6800 North Carolina Community College System Office – Information Systems Audit
INV-2023-0788 Craven-Pamlico Animal Services Center – Investigative Audit Letter
ISA-2023-3400 North Carolina Department of State Treasurer – Information Systems Audit
INV-2023-0344 Town of Farmville – Investigative Audit Report
INV-2023-0586 Edgecombe County – Investigative Audit Report