Social Media Comments Terms of Use

Comments from North Carolinians about the work of the Office of the State Auditor (OSA) are welcome and encouraged. Please note, all comments are subject to review by OSA moderators. While comments will not be edited or screened for viewpoint, OSA reserves the right to remove from view any comment that includes any of the following:

•    Advertising or promotional materials.
•    Copyrighted material posted without the express consent of the copyright holder.
•    Comments that do not comport with reasonable standards of civility and decorum, in particular profanity.
•    Words that constitute a criminal act or that solicit others to commit a criminal act.
•    Words that present a grave and imminent threat to any person's health or safety.
•    Threats of violence.
•    Hate speech or ethnic slurs.
•    Violent or graphic content. 
•    Nudity.
•    Abusive content such as bullying or harassment.
•    Defamation toward any person or people.
•    Harassing, cyber bullying, and/or stalking.
•    Protected, confidential, or personally identifiable information.

Social Media Comment Guidelines:

•    OSA values comments and feedback on content posted on its social media platforms. It is OSA policy not to block, hide, or remove constitutionally protected speech from OSA authorized social media accounts.
•    Comments posted by third parties on OSA social media accounts do not represent the opinion of OSA; nor does OSA endorse any third-party comment on this page. If you have any questions concerning the operation of this limited public forum, please contact OSA Communications at
•    OSA social media sites shall not be used for political purposes, to conduct private commercial transactions or to engage in private business activities.
•    OSA social media accounts are subject to rules and standards set forth by their host platforms (LinkedIn, Meta, Twitter), with which all users must comply. Commenters should be aware that OSA utilizes profanity filters employed, managed, and developed by host platforms for the purposes of content moderation.
•    Comments or posts may be reported by members of the public to a host platform administrator for a determination as to whether the content of a comment or post violates the host site’s terms of use or community standards policy. OSA is not responsible for the removal of any comment the host platform chooses to remove in response to a reported violation of its own terms of use or community standards policy.
•    Representatives of North Carolina state government communicate via this Web site. Consequently, any communication via this site (whether by a state employee or the general public) may be subject to monitoring and disclosure to third parties.

OSA social media accounts are not monitored for the purposes of reporting instances of government waste, fraud or abuse. To report an instance of waste, fraud or abuse, contact OSA through its tipline at 919-807-7727 or 800-730-8477, via email at or through the OSA website at Allegations of government waste, fraud or abuse posted on OSA social media accounts should not assume an expectation of privacy or anonymity.  

OSA is not responsible for and does not necessarily endorse or oppose any points made by commenters on its social media accounts. Commenters are solely responsible for their own comments and are urged to exercise good judgment, including but not limited to the rules and expectations set out above.