Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I find a specific audit report on this web site?

A: RECENT REPORTS: The latest audit reports we have posted are listed on the right side under Recent Reports of our Home page. 

A: SEARCH FUNCTION: If you are interested in a report on a specific agency, institution or issue, you can use the Search function by clicking here.

A: BROWSE BY AUDIT TYPE OR OSA DIVISION: You can search by audit type or OSA divisions by clicking the link here.

A: BROWSE BY COUNTY: You can use the GUI map by clicking the link here or use the Search function here.

Q. How do I submit a tip to the State Auditor’s confidential Hotline?

A: Select the phone icon or State Auditor Hotline link on the Home page and it will take you to the various ways to report Fraud, Waste, or Abuse

A: PHONE: Call 1-800-730-TIPS (8477)

A: EMAIL: Send an email to

Q. How do I navigate this site?

A: The Home Page has multiple links that will allow you to navigate the site easily with one click. 

As you move your cursor over the words in the top horizontal navigation bar, click on the arrows and drop-down choices will appear for each button showing all the information available in that section. Clicking on a choice in the drop-down list will take you directly to it. The top horizontal navigation bar is available on each page in the site. When you request information like an audit report, a new window will open on the web page displaying that information. You can maximize that window to read a report, then close the window when you are finished to return to the web page.

There are also direct icon links on the home page for State Auditor Hotline, Get Reports Instantly, Report Search, and Find Your County.

Q: Where can I find the Statewide Financial Statement and Single Audit?

A: To access the Statewide Financial Statement and the Single Audit go to the “Audits/Reviews” heading on the navigation bar and select the "Audits/Reviews.” 

Q: Where can I find audits of Smart Start organizations that used to be listed on these pages?

A: The North Carolina Partnership for Children assumed responsibility for audits of Smart Start organizations on July 1, 2009. Audits and other information on Smart Start operations is now available through the Partnership.

Q: Can you notify me when an audit report in which I am interested is posted to the web?

A: Yes, we can, if you are signed up to receive email notifications and would like to modify your report notifications, simply click on "Receive Reports" on the main menu bar and select the "Login to make changes" button on the form. If you are a new subscriber, please click the "Register your email address to get started" button on the form. After modifying or signing up to receive specified audit reports you will receive an email notifying you the report is available. The email includes a live link to the report on our web site.

Q: How much does an email notification subscription cost?

A: There is no charge for a subscription. All the information on this web site is public information, and there is no charge for its use.

Q: How will I know if my email notification subscription has been successful?

A: Once you have registered and completed the subscription form, you will get an automated email listing all of your subscription choices.

Q: Can I change my subscription choices later?

A: Yes. Select "Receive Reports" on the horizontal navigation bar and choose "Login to make changes" You will be prompted to login with your email and password and then will be able to change your subscription choices.

Q: Can I change information in my email subscription Registration, like my email address or password?

A: Yes. You will need to select "Receive Reports" on the horizontal bar and choose "Login to make changes" option and select "Forgot Password". you will need to logon with your old password and change your profile from the page after the logon. This gives you the option of changing all of your personal information including your password.

Q: How can I download reports?

A: Audit reports are posted in Adobe .pdf format. This allows you to download them to your computer or print them out. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view reports.  You can download the latest version of Acrobat Reader by clicking the link here:

Q: How can I get notified when The Monitor newsletter has been published?

A: Sign-up here to receive an email notification when the Monitor newsletter has been published.

Q: How can I best view this web site?

A: This site is supported by all modern web browsers.