All Other Reports: Performance audits

Report Number Title First Published
PER-2021-4900 Department of Public Safety Hurricane Florence Recovery Fund - Preliminary Financial Audit
PER-2021-4200A Department of Transportation Cash Spending Plan
PER-2021-4200 Department of Transportation Advance Construction Report
PER-2021-3005A Office of State Budget and Management Oversight of Coronavirus Relief Funds
PER-2021-4700 Department of Revenue Extra Credit Grant Program
PER-2021-3005 Office of State Budget and Management Coronavirus Relief Fund – Preliminary Financial Audit
PER-2020-4445 Department of Health and Human Services Medicaid Provider Enrollment
PER-2021-3510 Department of Public Instruction Coronavirus Relief Funding
PER-2019-4200 Department of Transportation Salary Adjustments
PER-2018-3510 Department of Public Instruction North Carolina Virtual Public School
PER-2020-4200 Department of Transportation Cash Spending Plan
PER-2016-4300 Department of Environmental Quality-Express Permit Follow-Up
PER-2019-4100 Department of Administration-Motor Fleet Management
PER-2018-4445B Medicaid LME-MCO Contract Monitoring
PER-2018-8141 North Carolina Physicians Health Program - Follow Up
PER-2018-4445 Medicaid LME-MCO Contract Provisions
PER-2017-4445B Medicaid Capitation Rate Setting Process
PER-2017-4900 Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission-Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission Warehouse Contract
PER-2018-4200 I-77 Express Lanes Project
PER-2016-3700 Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services - Grade "A" Milk