The audit found that the Department of Transportation (Department) did not make 2018-2019 state fiscal year salary adjustments in accordance with Section 34.19 of Session Law 2018-5. The Department gave salary adjustments to employees who did not relinquish claims to longevity pay and career status as required by state law. Additionally, the total amount of salary adjustments exceeded the two-percent-of-payroll-expense limit. As a result, the Department gave its employees an unfair advantage, demonstrated to all other state agencies that noncompliance with laws has no consequences, and overspent $39 million on salary adjustments. Details about each item are provided in the Audit Finding, Recommendations, and Responses section of the report. The Department disagreed with the finding and recommendations in the report. As a result, the report includes a State Auditor’s Response to ensure that readers have complete and accurate information and are not misled.

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